Like many people, I was deeply affected by the 2008/09 economic crises. News stories chronicled abandoned dogs and cats left behind in empty houses – families loosing jobs unable to keep their pets – shelters overflowing no longer accepting animals. Numerous heartbreaking consequences seemed destined to affect many innocent furry victims.

During that time I was recuperating from a serious accident that shattered my right knee, unable to walk for months my golden retriever Scout was my constant companion. As my health improved I was eager to do something for Scout and his four-legged friends – it would be my civic gratitude to Scout for his unconditional loyalty and friendship.

That’s when the idea to create Doggie Street Festival was born – an adoption event bringing together the rescue community with adoptable dogs & cats, a platform to increase adoption and educate on spay/neuter options, alongside veterinarians, pet professionals, trainers, health and nutrition experts to provide information and improved care – all wrapped in a festive public celebration for our deserving companion animals.

Years have passed since that day – many thousands of people have attended DSF and many hundreds of dogs & cats have gone home with new families on Festival Day fortified with useful information and increased awareness.

TOGETHER, beside our invaluable Sponsors, Vendors and Media Partners we have made a tangible difference. I can’t say its been easy, but I can say that it has been inspiring to experience results as we humans take action to help solve the tragedy that is pet homelessness.

Sadly Scout my sweet inspiration for creating DSF died from cancer and is no longer by my side but he remains in my heart – I will forever celebrate him and dedicate Doggie Street Festival to his memory.

Pets join us on our life journey, they adapt to our routines, they capture our hearts, they stir our humanity, they help us deal with our tragedies and if we are lucky they inspire us to reach beyond our grasp and become better humans. Scouts life truly inspired my own.

Jude Artenstein is a San Diego based indie filmmaker and the founder/organizer of Doggie Street Festival.

Please join us as a Sponsor, together we can change their world and our own!




Doggie Street Festival (DSF) is dedicated to increasing dog and cat adoption through its yearly Festival.

The event is designed to be an informative experience that promotes public awareness and educates on issues of responsible adoption, foster, spay/neuter and conscientious pet guardianship.

DSF provides a diverse range of information on topics concerning pet care, health, training and well-being.

DSF celebrates our pet companions and urges the public to act, advocate and work together to effect positive change and help end the tragedy that is pet homelessness.